10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken

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The bizarre photo of a giant snake like creature. Home films documentaries top 10 list the worlds most mysterious pictures ever taken.

Top 10 Most Bizarre And Terrifying Mutilated Creature On Earth

What is actually depicted on the walls of the temple in abydos.

10 most mysterious pictures ever taken. Share tweet email. Nobody believed doris bither. Published on mar 04 2016 by aafvideo.

Though the photo itself is often claimed to be a hoax the circumstances that surround it are frequently used to justify the existence of shadowy mib like government agents. The mysterious mummified. That a film based on lam s most mysterious death would be released in 2015.

Babushka lady is a nickname for an unknown woman present during the 1963 assassination of president john f. I don t think there is a case where this many photos were displayed. World s 10 most mysterious pictures ever taken 2015.

This picture remains unexplained it reportedly shows a ghost on the top of the light house and has been seen on a number of occasions. 24 most mysterious pictures. He has been collecting pictures for 25 and 30 years.

10 mysterious photos that cannot be explained. Although the photo depicts a strange space suited entity rather than a ufo it nevertheless remains one of the most puzzling fortean images ever taken. Ancient egyptian pyramids discovered in alaska.

Here are of the 10 most mysterious pictures ever taken. The odd mysterious man at the south forks bridge in canada 1941 this photo was shot in 1941 during the reopening of the south forks bridge. The police have compiled these photos and put together a slideshow of the unidentified individuals in an effort to find out whether they are alive or more victims with one investigator saying of these efforts.

The skunk ape in the backyard. She was a constantly drunk mother who abused her children because she herself was once. 10 most mysterious photos ever taken soul ask unlock your mind and soul.

Taken by apollo 17 during the last flight to the moon this photo was listed as blank in the photographic index. The statue of a half man the creator of the world was discovered in cambodia. There s a whole lot more than nasa ever let on and this photo proves it.

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