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This means that a train could be headed straight towards you and you could set your center focus point over the nose of the train and your camera would keep the train in focus as it got close and closer. In this video i will explain the differences between.

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And then behaves as either one shot mode or ai servo mode as needed.

Ai focus vs ai servo canon. It combines some of the characteristics and behaviour of the other two af methods one shot af and ai servo af depending on the subject the scene and other photographic considerations. There s only a one shot focus and ai servo focus. If you manually focus using your lens these settings are not available.

As long as you are half pressing or fully pressing the shutter release or using the popular af on technique the camera s autofocus system will continuously track whatever subject is under your selected focus point. For example if the subject is moving toward you the camera constantly measures the distance and adjusts the lens so that when you press the shutter the subject will be in focus in theory it can get it wrong. Most if not all.

Ai servo tracks focus on moving subjects so as your subject moves closer or moves further away your camera constantly updates focus to keep the subject as sharp as possible. What ai focus does is attempts to analyze for each shot whether it thinks the subject is moving. One shot ai focus ai servo and when to use them.

Ai servo is the name of canon s continuous servo autofocus system that continuously tracks a subject. Ai focus af switches the af mode from one shot af to ai servo af automatically if the still subject starts moving. Skip navigation sign in.

After the subject is focused in one shot af if the subject starts moving the camera detects the movement and changes the af operation to ai servo af. Ai focus isn t a real mode per se. Ai focus short for artificial intelligence focus is one of three different automatic focusing modes available on canon eos dslr cameras.

Ai servo continuously tracks the subject as long as you hold down the focus button and is good for continually moving subjects. Difference between ai focus and ai servo if you are shooting action camerafocus aifocustips aiservofocus the terminology refers to canon cameras but simi.

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