American Pitbull Terrier Vs American Staffordshire Terrier Vs Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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The american staffordshire terrier and the american pitbull terrier are both considered pitbull type dogs and as such you will notice that there are a lot of similarities between them. Amstaff s the american staffordshire terrier also known as amstaff in the united states or simply stafford is a medium sized short coated american dog breed.

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The staffordshire is slightly shorter than the pit reaching shoulder heights of around 19 inches high.

American pitbull terrier vs american staffordshire terrier vs staffordshire bull terrier. Both are medium sized dogs originated in usa. Both weigh in at around 60 pounds but it s common for the staffordshire to weigh a bit more than a pit bull terrier. In the 1930 s some owners of these dogs wanted to join the akc.

First off the amstaff is a registered breed under the american kennel club. The staffordshire terrier is bred for show purposes while the american pit bull terrier is a non show type dog. It is one of several breeds.

However the ancestors were from england for the staffordshire terriers while those were from both england and ireland for pit bull terriers. Owner experience the american staffordshire terrier is an okay choice for new or inexperienced owners but the staffordshire bull terrier is not recommended for new owners. In the 18th 19thcentury both of these breeds came from a bulldog and terrier mix.

The pitbull is not. Children both the american staffordshire terrier and staffordshire bull terrier are great with children. The american staffordshire terrier and the american pit bull terrier have the same roots.

There is a significant difference in the size of these two dogs the amstaff is a much heavier and bulkier dog than the american pit bull terrier. Help our free service by spreading information about dog breeds. Staffordshire terrier vs american pit bull terrier.

Although the american staffordshire terrier is closely related to the american pitbull terrier the two have gone their separate ways over the years. The american staffordshire terrier vs. Quick summary below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds.

It is believed by many that the dogs. Get the low down on the differences between these similar looking dogs. What is the difference between american staffordshire terrier and pit bull terrier.

The american staffordshire terrier and the staffordshire bull terrier are frequently confused breeds. The american staffordshire terrier is slightly shorter but much stockier in his weight compared to the american pitbull terrier who is more athletic in appearance. Considered two distinct breeds today there are some subtle differences between the american pit bull terrier and the american staffordshire terrier.

Their american pit bull cousins however are slightly taller at 21 inches. American staffordshire terrier vs staffordshire bull terrier vs american pit bull terrier which one is a better dog breed for you. There was no difference.

Courageous and strong the american staffordshire terrier aka the am staff has an athletic build and intelligence that make him ideally suited to dog sports.

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