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Eight examples of figures of speech include simile metaphor hyperbole alliteration. A figure of speech is a word or phrase that goes beyond its literal meaning.

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In other words their actual meanings are different from their literal or ordinary meanings.

Meaning 8 types of figure of speech. Another very interesting figure of speech is personification. Simile is a type of figurative language that compares two different things using like or as. It occurs when a writer gives human traits to non human or inanimate objects.

A figure of speech relies on such. Hyperbole in the greek language translates to. Metaphor it involves a comparison between two relatively unlike things without the use of like or as.

Types of figures of speech personification. Therefore figures of speech are words or phrases used in a figurative sense for rhetorical or vivid effect. Figures of speech can be broken into two main groups.

Figures of speech that play with the ordinary meaning of words such as metaphor simile and hyperbole and figures of speech that play with the ordinary arrangement or pattern in which words are written such as alliteration ellipsis and antithesis. A simile is a figure of speech that uses comparison. The 8 figures of speech are the following.

It is a type of comparison between things or objects by using as or like my. They carry connotative or deeper meanings. In common usage a figure of speech is a word or phrase that means something more or something other than it seems to say the opposite of a literal expression.

8 figure of speech. Types of figures of speech 1 simile. These two figures of speech are opposite to each other.

A metaphor and a simile are quite similar actually. Alliteration is the repetition of the beginning sounds of neighboring words. As professor brian vickers has observed it is a sad proof of the decline of rhetoric that in modern colloquial english the phrase a figure of speech has come to mean something false illusory or insincere.

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